Prevention: Action Checklist for Parents

What You Can Do:

  • Establish a loving, trusting relationship with your child.
  • Make it easy for your teen to talk honestly with you.
  • Talk with your child about alcohol facts, reasons not to drink, and ways to avoid drinking in difficult situations.
  • Keep tabs on your young teen’s activities, and join with other parents in making common policies about teen alcohol use.
  • Develop family rules about teen drinking and establish consequences.
  • Set a good example regarding your own alcohol use and your response to teen drinking.
  • Encourage your child to develop healthy friendships and fun alternatives to drinking.
  • Know whether your child is at high risk for a drinking problem; if so, take steps to lessen that risk.
  • Know the warning signs of a teen drinking problem and act promptly to get help for your child.
  • Believe in your own power to help your child avoid alcohol use.

From: Make A Difference: Talking To Your Child About Alcohol