The Anne Arundel County Substance Misuse Prevention Coalitions are proud to announce the accomplishment of our North County Coalition, Northern Lights Against Substance Abuse (NLASA)!

Northern Lights Against Substance Misuse:

21st Century Education Foundation Anne Arundel County Public Schools Community Partner of the Year Award

In the Spring of 2021, NLASA was Nominated for the Community Partner of the Year Award. This award goes to community partners that show excellence in outreach, support and all around involvement in youth and students in AACPS. As one of 2021’s nominees, we were told our organization has demonstrated a commitment to education in our county.

We as an organization were so honored to have received this nomination for our program Sound of Silence: A conversation about mental health that is moving through all middle and high schools in AA county.

We were able to be celebrated through social media campaigns occurring June 24-24 2021 and also a networking breakfast at Maryland Live on October 29th, 2021. The event was very well done and shined a light on all nominees and winners over the past two years. We hope to continue our partnership with AACPS moving forward and maybe even win one year.

This link has all the photos from the event on the 10/26/21.

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