The Maryland Young Adult Survey on Alcohol and other drugs (MYSA) is conducted by the Maryland Department of Health and the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. It collects information about alcohol use and perceptions among 18 to 25-year-olds throughout the state of Maryland. Over 6,500 Maryland residents participated in 2020 and 2018. With this data, we can look at how alcohol use has changed over time. The chart below shows how often alcohol was consumed by all survey respondents compared with respondents under age 21 during 2018 and 2020. We can see a slight decrease in weekly and monthly dinking, and an increase in less than monthly drinking, especially among 18 to 20-year-olds.

We can also compare alcohol use in Anne Arundel County to other counties or, as shown in the next chart, to the state as a whole:

The MYSA survey takes a closer look at the data surrounding drinking like polysubstance use (using other drugs while drinking), drinking and driving, and other risky behaviors.

If you are between 18-25 years old and live in Maryland, take the survey by going to

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