A powerful story was recently brought to the attention of the Anne Arundel County Prevention Coalitions. It is a story about love, pain, and isolation. The women who created the nonprofit Love In The Trenches, did so to change that story. Those who suffer – and who love those who suffer- from the disease of addiction need to know that they are not alone. This is what Denise Williams, Outreach Coordinator for Northern Lights Against Substance Abuse had to say:

The article was heartbreaking to read. It touched me personally since I too lost not only one child but two children to this God awful disease.

There were two things that really resonated with me that I had not thought deeply on before. The first was how we “love” them through it all. Our love for them and who they are beneath the addiction is far greater than any disease. Our desperate need to share their true story, not just their story of addiction.

The second being how much this is a disease of “isolation”. We, along with our addicted loved ones, all isolate ourselves. We isolate ourselves from shame, pain, guilt, stigma, etc. My biggest regret today is that I isolated myself for too long. Instead I should have reached out for my sons sooner, asking for help and support from others who previously traveled this gut wrenching path. Maybe, just maybe, my sons would still be here today. The article made me think, what if we renamed the “disease of addiction” to the “disease of despair and isolation”? Would others be less judgemental? Would that encourage the ones suffering to reach out sooner? Something to think about.

Anyway it was a sad story, but a great read and congratulations to “Love in the Trenches” for all their good work and strong enough start the conversation.

Read the article here: https://www.loveinthetrenches.org/our-story