Relationships can be difficult, but how about our relationships with ourselves? Whose voice do we hear most frequently telling us how we look, act, and feel? What does that voice say as we go through our daily routines? Consider putting yourself first once in a while: allow yourself the gift of a relaxing moment, a laugh, some time to be alone or some time to talk with friends. Practice a little self-love this Valentine’s Day! Here are some thoughts to get started:

  1. Positive Mantra- Check that voice for a positive message. Think about how to make a negative thought into something rewarding. (Change “I’ll never finish this project” to “This will be so great when it’s done”)
  2. Forgiveness- Don’t judge yourself for past mistakes. Open your heart with forgiveness for yourself so that you can feel good about forgiving others.
  3. Time- Set some time aside- even a few minutes- to be selfish. Read a few chapters of that book, take a bath, go for a run, have a mid-day nap, do the thing that makes you feel like you!
  4. Imperfection- Remember that no one is perfect. Let it go and move on.
  5. Reminders- Sometimes that voice in your head is loud. Write yourself some love notes and tuck them into pockets, cabinets, books, files, etc. to remind yourself that you are loved!