Life is a lot of work. How is a person expected to stay positive and motivated when the world seems to keep knocking you down? Here are some strategies from

  1. Laugh out loud. Tell jokes, watch a funny show. Laughter relieves stress, relaxes muscles, and boosts the immune system.
  2. Be playful. Play a game, do something just for the joy of it. Active video games encourage physical activity and have mental health benefits.
  3. Do something you enjoy every day. Share your hobbies and ideas. Sharing and helping others improves self-esteem and promotes happiness.
  4. Stay curious. Learn something new. Reading or learning a new skill reduces stress and keeps the mind active.
  5. Count your blessings. There is always something to be grateful for. Improve your sleep quality by naming the things you are grateful for while you relax before bed.
  6. Exercise. Workout, dance, stretch, go for a walk. Physical movement has many benefits like increasing energy levels, helping with relaxation, and improving memory.
  7. Enjoy nature. Discover the beauty outdoors. You don’t need to travel to appreciate nature’s beauty. Take a look right outside your window!
  8. Help children. By helping others, we help ourselves build confidence. Sharing the joy with someone as they experience an accomplishment is very satisfying.
  9. Relax. Even a brief moment of silent reflection can change your perspective and put your mind at ease. Learn some methods of meditation at
  10. Be aware of your thoughts. Listen to how you speak to yourself. Positive thinking is the key to feeling optimistic!